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Don't panic, the rumours are true - it's a chocolate cafe!

Just like all strong power couples of their time - Romeo & Juliet, Cleopatra & Caesar, when chocolate met coffee it was love at first bite!

At Cocoa Loco HQ, it wasn't long before Oopma Loompas Sarah and Rory sat down over a brownie and a Breve (fancy coffee made with cream) and were hit harder than a double espresso with an idea - to open a chocolate cafe!

And so, back in October 2015, the Cocoa Loco cafe and chocolate shop was born in Swan Walk, Horsham, and our range of decadent delights has grown to include heavenly hot chocolates, marvelous milkshakes, and of course our best selling brownies, cakes, cookies and more...(for you really wild ones we also have a range of teas and fruit juices!)

We ventured into the unknown, and now instead of just adding coffee to chocolate (check out our latte thins & coffee bean bar) we were making it, with amazing speciality, single origin beans - which FYI we love a latte.

Our super friendly staff are here to help and can offer you a range of alternatives to fit with your dietary requirements, whether it be gluten free, vegan or dairy free (we make an amazing vegan chocolate milkshake and our gluten free brownies are almost too good to be true, just sayin'!)

As if all that wasn't enough of a reason to stop, drop and run on over, we also give a complimentary chocolate with EVERY hot drink and - wait for it... even have adult colouring at the tables. YAY!

So whatever the occasion, whether you're out with the girls/guys, enjoying a cheeky coffee date, or just planning on bribing a chocoholic, we've got it all!! See you here!

'There's not earthly way of knowing, Which direction we are going' - Willy Wonka

We're easy to find - Unit 43, next to EE.

Find us at:
Swan Walk Shopping Centre,
West Sussex,
RH12 1HQ

Our opening hours:

Monday - Saturday: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday: 10:30am - 4:30pm

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