Rewards Points FAQs

How do the Rewards Points work?

For every £1 you spend, we give you 5 points!  Each product states how many points you need to have to buy that item.

Can I earn points on all my purchases?
You can earn points on all of our scrummy chocolates what are you waiting for?! At our Horsham shop we are currently unable to offer points but pop down for goodies you won't find on the website!  Visit our shop page to find out more.

How can I keep track of how many points I've earned?
When you make a purchase, we will send a confirmation e-mail to you which has all the information on your reward points.

Can I redeem my points at any time?
Yes! You need to be logged into your account and as long as you have the points, remember to use them in the Shopping Cart, you can use them any time, day or night!

How do I use my points to make a purchase?
Once you've chosen your delicious treats, simply go through to your Shopping Cart and type in the amount of Points you would like to use.  Then head on to the Checkout to finish your order!

Can I use my points on anything?
You can purchase any of our products using your rewards points, but you can't use them to pay for the delivery charge.

If I forget to use my rewards points on a purchase, can I undo it?
Give us a call on 01403 865687 or e-mail [email protected] explaining what you would like to do and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How soon will my rewards points be registered on my account and how long will they last?
We're busy workers here at Cocoa Loco so we aim to have the rewards points in your account straight away!  The points will last as long as you need them to, so if your saving for a birthday or just a little treat for yourself they'll still be there!

What benefit can I expect from using Rewards Points?
The more you buy, the more we give!  In addition, sometimes we at Cocoa Loco are feeling very generous and may just give more points where deserved!!

I bought an item using my Rewards Points, can I still expect a refund/exchange?
At Cocoa Loco, we aim to indulge you all in our delicious products. However, if you are not entirely satisfied with your product, please contact us on 01403 865687 or at [email protected] and we will endeavour to help.

Did you Know...
If you spend enough to gain 2500 points in total over the year, we will throw in an extra 500 points in the new year!

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