Cocoa Loco are passionate about the planet! We aim to become the eco-friendliest chocolate company around. Through our continued commitment to the environment we’re determinate to put environmental sustainability at the heart of everything we do. Our cardboard’s 100% recyclable, with all of our plastic to follow by the end of the year. We choose ethical locally sourced packaging to reduce our carbon footprint throughout the business. 

If you order from us you will receive a wonderful cardboard box which will hold your lovingly handmade products. Don't be surprised if your cardboard box looks like it had a previous life, we try our best to reuse our boxes wherever possible to give them a long happy journey. You can recycle or reuse our boxes, giving it a whole new purpose.

You may see EcoFlo in your packaging this is NOT polystyrene, it's 100% recyclable! EcoFlo is Made from sustainable raw materials. EcoFlo is compostable and a great environmentally friendly product.

Your organic handmade chocolate may alos be packaged using Wood Wool which is a light and made from shredded timber. Wood Wool is an eco-friendly and completely bio-degradable.

We respect our planet and chose ethical locally sourced packaging to create a low carbon footprint. Please help us by recycling or reusing packaging wherever possible.

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